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Rope access

Rope Access allows for safe access whilst at height to restricted areas on the site.

Our rope access systems are a very reliable way to access the workplace at height. Utilising ropes as well as other specialist equipment, supports users of the system who are traversing up the building.

Roped access systems differ from conventional access methods including scaffolding and elevated platforms. Rope access systems reduce the risk of injury and other accidents. Additionally, they allow for strategic planning which also allows you to manage and carry out work in areas that are difficult to reach.

Our rope access systems are made up of carefully designed equipment designed for working at height. This includes ropes, harnesses, anchorages, connectors and many others.

Our roped access system has been designed to work perfectly in conjunction with our other services. This includes our HAKI Stair System and our Debris Netting Systems.

Furthermore, roped access systems are cheaper than most alternatives, and much simpler as well as quicker to install.

Benefits of roped access systems


  • Rope access systems provide a safe, efficient solution for accessing restricted access areas at height.
  • There is little impact on nearby operations and minimal property damage.
  • They reduce the chance of accidents occurring compared to other access methods.
  • It is a cost-effective fall protection system. This is because of the reduced amount of hours spent on site.
  • They can be used for the installation of our safety netting, bird netting and debris netting products.

Our rope access systems are operated following standards set by the Industrial Roped Access Trade Association (IRATA). We provide professionally trained rope access personnel that are highly experienced. Also, we have been assessed as well as certified by the IRATA. For further enquiries, call us on 01691 683 620 or send an email to

Our rope access system is perfect if you are looking for an efficient and effective method to provide access to restricted areas of your site.

Rope access reduces the risk of injury, thus making it a solid choice. Therefore, if you are looking for a system for your site or wish to know more, get in touch.



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